2013 Ford Focus ST by Hennessey review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 2 March 2013 , 01:03:07 byAlina

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Ford Focus ST by Hennessey

The tuning legend John Hennessey, the head of the Hennessey Performance Engineering, has many impressive works on different cars, for example Venom GT or Cadillac CTS- V. The one he lately worked on is Ford Focus ST, provided with HPE300 package.

Being already an economical, amusing and practical car, Ford Focus ST was equipped with a cold-air intake which increases engine's output by approximately 13 rwhp (rear-wheel horsepower). and a custom ECU program which adds 27 rwhp and 40 lb-ft (54 Nm) of torque. On its front part, the car is designed with Hennessey badging and a unique- numbered dash plaque. Optionally, customers can order a Magaflow stainless-steel cat- back exhaust system that contributes with another seven or eight horsepower to the tally, but its real function is to look good and sound even better.

The correct price of the HPE200 Package for the Ford Focus ST begins from $995. That gets you the cold-air intake, the new ECU map and custom badging, but it doesn’t include the Magaflow exhaust system (which costs extra $695 to the price). And this is what a car needs to be fun to drive.

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