2013 Kia Soul Urban review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 7 November 2013 , 03:11:14 byAlina

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Kia Soul Urban

Each computer user is certainly familiar with YouTube. What is less known is the YouTube Music Awards show which is nothing else but the formalized recognition of the best YouTube videos in the preceding year. Well, it seems that at Kia Motors there is someone very keen on YouTube’s activity. Kia is the official sponsor of the site and as a result it is preparing a special Kia Soul Urban especially for the mentioned awards.

At the time Kia Soul was introduced, people expected something more from the company.  This precise and one-off model adds a bit of interest on the brand’s SUV. The special car is designed by Lux Motorworks, being recognized as a "mobile video recording booth and multi-screen YouTube player." It is characterized by a matte white exterior with red accents. Of course that you know by now that these are the colours that represent the site. There are also some YouTube badges and the vehicle received a set of massive alloy wheels.

Inside the special Kia Soul you can discover a WiFi hot spot and a webcam for recording high-definition music videos. The Soul has also been equipped with a Mac Mini, a wireless keyboard and ten iPad minis. So technology is in its element with this car. The Kia Soul is expected to provide a unique experience, having the same effect on people as the favourite music they listen. It will probably be powered by the company’s latest version of the 1.6-liter GDI petrol and CRDi diesel engines. Take a look at the images while listening to some good music.

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