2013 Lamborghini Aventador customized by Khan review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 12 March 2013 , 11:03:11 byEmil

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Lamborghini Aventador customized by Khan

Every once in a while, the British company Khan Design, chooses a great car and sets a goal- to turn it into a fabulous one. The latest car they set eyes on is the Lamborghini Aventador. No matter the impressive number of voices that say the Aventador is perfect, Khan decides to try its luck into making it "more perfect".

Already a name in the car tuning industry, Khan wishes the Aventador to be slightly improved and to raise interest. The car has new exterior finish, called Lamborghini Rosso Red, which makes it an attractive car. It is set on a pair of 20- inches alloys at the front, and a pair of 21- inches alloys at the back, all wrapped in some very nice Khan Pirelli tires. They are offered in two nuances of silver to match really well the rest of the car.

The Khan crew worked harder in changing the interior more than the outside of the car, since interiors have made a name for them. This awesome car had its seats re-done in modern quilted Nappa leather. The same type of leather is used for the rest of the interior too, together with matching Alcantara on the surfaces higher up on the dash - the steering wheel is completely covered in this special material.

Having a car like Lamborghini Aventador modified is a real challenge. It might possibly be every tuner’ s dream to work on such a beast. However, it’ s a two blade situation. Owners who are keen on the original model might discredit the changes, while clients who desire a plus of personality might love the transformations. Either ways, the tuner gets the "credits".

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