2013 Land Rover Defender review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 4 September 2012 , 06:09:05 byDan

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Land Rover Defender

It seems that Land Rover specialists do not have a brake. The European customers will have the opportunity to purchase the 2013 Land Rover Defender available with two new exterior body colors, Havana and Barolo Black and with three additional options. To be more precise, the first options refers to a choice of four new contrast roof colors which are quite different from most of the Defender colors seen until now. As standard, Land Rover specialists offer the Fuji White along with the new Indus Silver, Orkney Grey, Firenze Red and also Santorini Black.

Just to make a better idea, the carmaker has provided us with an example. One unit can have the Firenze Red body color and match it with the Santorini Black roof and the Baltic Blue with Indus Silver. This is not all. Another addition to the list is a new body-hugging seat design, covered in leather almost completely featuring the Land Rover logo on the backrest. This option is available only for the driver and front passenger. In the end, the specialists have provided an upgrade for the base audio system. This actually means it has Bluetooth connectivity with remote microphone. The system also includes Alpine-branded Hi Line 150W low profile subwoofer equipment that features 10 cm coaxial speakers.

Under the hood it hides a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine capable of developing 120 horsepower. This output enables the Land Rover Defender to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 14.7 seconds and o reach a top speed of 90 mph, just like the 2012 models year. Apparently, the 2013 Model Year Land Rover Defender will go on sale starting this month. The carmaker established the price at GBP 22.350 for the UK market.

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