2013 Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 , 05:12:26 byEmil

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Land Rover Defender by Kahn Design

One of the most famous and prestigious tuning companies in the world, strikes again. Definitely, we are talking here about Kahn Design.  The British tuning company convinces us every day that it is a restless company. It constantly works and releases new projects and their latest one is the Land Rover Defender 2.2 TDCI SW 90 Chelsea Wide Track Edition. The vehicle is surely unique in terms of look. Kahn made sure of this.

So the recipe of success sounds like this. Kahn Design is the master chef in its own garage. It takes a Land Rover Defender and adds a lot of spices to transform it into an exclusive vehicle. First, they add a fancy styling package that contains front and rear wide wings with integrated vents and bolt apertures, extended wheel arches wearing satin black, front grille with mesh stainless steel, Chelsea Truck Company Spare wheel cover, Kahn prototype tailgate logo, side vents and bonnet vents with mesh stainless steel, Kahn oval tailgate logo. The ingredients are well mixed and personality is instantly obtained. The SUV is adorned with some spectacular 1948 Defend wheels which come in size of 8×16”.

After being baked a while in the designers’ minds the Land Rover Defender is devoured by the clients. They can taste the inside of the vehicle. Ingredients such as roof grab handles with Harris Tweed covers, rear door panel and handle in Harris Tweed, rev counter fascia wearing red paint, fire extinguisher, passenger dashboard top and grab handle in Harris Tweed and rear passenger knee protectors in Harris Tweed, exquisite single spoke leather steering wheel, brand new floor mats, front sports GTB seats and rear folding seats wrapped in quilted and perforated leather, instrument binnacle in Harris Tweed, Churchill time clock and vented foot pedals in machined aluminum provide an intense feeling of satisfaction for the customer ordering the product.

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