2013 Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track Hard Top by Kahn review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 23 September 2013 , 04:09:53 byEmil

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Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track Hard Top by Kahn

The British tuning company, already a more than famous name in the auto tuning field, Kahn Design, demonstrates every day that it is a restless company. It constantly works and releases new projects and their latest one is based on the Land Rover Defender. Being a core part of the tuner’s business the Land Rover benefits from the best that the company has to offer.

For the Land Rover Defender Chelsea Wide Track Hard Top, as Kahn named the tuning project, they chose a minimalist and elegant approach. The off-road vehicle is covered in a volcanic rock satin color paint which does nothing else but to provide exclusivity to the vehicle. The car is equipped with front and rear wide wings with integrated vents and bolt apertures, bonnet vents with stainless steel mesh, fog lamps, headlamp grilles with stainless steel mesh. It also features crosshair military headlights, side vents with stainless steel mesh, front grille with stainless steel mesh, Kahn prototype wing badges, Kahn oval tailgate badge.

The Kahn Land Rover Defender rides on a set of 8x 16 inch alloys colored in satin black and wrapped in 235x85x16 inch tires. Of course, the interior couldn’t have been forgotten by such a respectable tuner like Kahn. More than that, exclusivity is the word describing it, too. The vehicle received sport GTB seats made of leather, a single spoke steering wheel, an updated dashboard, vented foot aluminum pedals, and so on. The tuning program is a success, and this couldn’t have been different since we are talking here about one of the most prestigious names in the tuning world, Kahn Design.

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