2013 Mercedes-Benz SL by Vilner review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 29 March 2013 , 04:03:06 byVeronica

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Mercedes-Benz SL by Vilner

German model Mercedes-Benz SL received a tuning package from Bulgarian luxury tuning specialist Vilner. To be more precise, the model now features a new interior with a crocodile theme. The ones in charge and the ones actually doing the work declared that this is maybe one of the most difficult things they have ever made. Why? They have worked with five different materials which were carefully chosen in only one tonality and managed to prove that with the utilization of several exotic materials and leather in one project, the end result might not seem that WAW. As you can see in the pictures, in general, the ceiling, the floor mats, the leather, the seat belts and the plastic elements are grey in the original model and are combined with brown wooden application. The Bulgarian specialists have decided to use in this project Nappa leather with a very antique look, brown Alcantara and also crocodile leather. All pieces were sewed together with a contrast stitching.

It is very obvious in the photo gallery, and we can see that the model has now a more aggressive stance after the modification of the steering wheel. The highlights of the project are some of the plastic elements and the gearshift lever which are hand-painted in order to give them a look of patented steel. So that you know, the audio system has been entirely replaced with DLS speakers and amplifiers. No noise enters in the cabin, quality that contributes towards better comfort and now even the slightest vibrations felt in the coupe are tamed. According to Vilner, the Mercedes-Benz model has in the doors lasers incorporated that actually protect the Vilner logo. For more info on the matter, you can access their official Facebook page. We will also come with more details as soon as these will be made official.

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