2013 Mini Vision Concept review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 3 August 2013 , 10:08:38 byEmil

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Mini Vision Concept

Mini is a British automotive brand owned by BMW which proved it can be a specialist in small cars, too. Mini means efficient production, economical car and social commitment, all mated to offer a fun driving. The company has just revealed the Mini Vision Concept on the occasion of a Design@ Home event. The concept is supposed to preview the 2014 Mini Cooper.

The Mini Vision concept makes itself noticeable through an evolutionary design that mixes classic styling cues and future targeted aesthetic and technical innovations. The vision is equipped with a front bumper which makes it look more aerodynamic, a hexagonal grille containing fog lights and some LED headlights that come together with an outer ring that is assumed to be a daytime running light. A tailgate mounted spoiler and the center mounted dual exhaust system provide a sportier look to the small car.

The inside of the Mini Vision concept is a happy one with a variety of colours and textures. The Mini received lounge like seats, a center console and some elastic straps on the doors whose duty is to hold magazines, cell phones or cans of drinks. And the manufacturer probably wanted to remind the Mini‘s origins by getting inspired from the Union Jack with those straps. The following 2014 Mine model could be powered either by a three cylinder TwinPower engine producing 178 bhp (132 kW), or by a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine generating 217 bhp (162 kW). The Mini Vision represents the future, a premium quality vehicle.

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