2013 Renault-Samsung QM3 review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 2 April 2013 , 10:04:21 byAlina

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Renault-Samsung QM3

Renault’s main goal is to make sustainable mobility accessible to all the persons in the world. And this aim couldn’t be better illustrated by anything except by the brand’s motto "Drive the Change". The French company is constantly working on new projects. So is the Renault-Samsung QM3, a reinvention of the Renault Captur. This urban crossover vehicle has just been presented in Seoul Motor Show, the event that last from 28th March to 7th April 2013.

The target of the Renault QM3 is represented by all the young people who are in search of alternatives to the already traditional B-segment vehicles. It is as sporty as a SUV, it brings the same comfort as an MPV and it offers the same great driving pleasure as a hatchback. So, it reunites features of three car types, this making it an attractive and different product.  Its look is sporty enough, the exterior having sweptback headlights, a rakish windscreen and a sloping roofline. There is also a contrasting roof and plenty chrome accents.

The interior is still kept a mystery. However, a customizable cabin is expected. This could have chrome, ivory, orange, green or blue accents. To match this, the upholstery will most likely be a colourful one. The Renault QM3 will be roomy enough to transport up to 455 liters (16 cubic feet) of luggage.

The engine of the new Renault QM3 will be a surprise, as there is no data regarding it. However, as it was already mentioned, the QM3 is based on the Renault Captur model. And it is a certainty what engine types the Capture uses: either a TCe 90, or a TCe 120 but a dCi 90, too. So the QM3 might be equipped with either of these engine types, or it could even come out in all three variants. It remains to be seen. Depending on the engine type, the QM3 might have a manual transmission or an EDC dual-clutch gearbox.

The Renault-Samsung QM3 will be available on the market in the second part of the year. So until the time comes, there will certainly appear more information regarding this unique crossover.  

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