2013 Seat Leon SC 3d Hatchback UK price review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 3 April 2013 , 10:04:28 byAngela

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Seat Leon SC 3d Hatchback UK price

Seat carmaker uses the new Leon to get in touch with the present and with the current demands in terms of design. The specialists had several problems because they were not really capable of getting in line with the design directions of the time. If you were hoping to see a more radical approach to the appearance of the SC model, well you will not. What the carmaker did was reveal the price for the new Seat Leon SC when it comes to the British market. According to the specialists, the model uses an all-new MQB platform and it seems that the Leon SC will have a starting price of GBP15.370.

The ones interested in owning one of these bad boys should know that they can start placing orders starting the 15th of this month. First deliveries are scheduled to arrive at the beginning of July. The price indicates that it is GBP300 cheaper than the 5-door model, so if you do not really desire a 5-door model, you can stay relaxed, or do an effort as the price difference is so insignificant. The style of the new Seat Leon model is very simple and it is 35 mm shorter, nicer and sportier. It is also a bit lighter and so it should be able of achieving greater performance. Under the hood it hides several options.

One of them is a 1.2-liter TSI engine capable of generating 103 horsepower. This variant also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a touch screen infotainment unit and for extra safety, seven airbags. Another engine option is actually the 1.8-liter engine petrol engine that powers the 5-door capable of producing 177 horsepower. It uses a DSG transmission and it has a price established at GBP21.540. If you are interested in a diesel version, the carmaker also provides a 1.6-liter unit capable of generating 103 horsepower priced at GBP18.190, a 2.0-liter which is all new with 147 horsepower output priced at GBP22.335 and a 7-speed DSG to transfer the output to the wheels.

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