2014 Audi A4 Quattro System review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 22 August 2012 , 07:08:27 byVeronica

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Audi A4 Quattro System

German carmaker Audi has plans to replace the existing A4 in around two years, with the new B9, followed by an Avant option. All these will be available starting 2015. The Audi A4 will be the first mode to receive the new electronic Quattro drive train developed by Audi. When it comes to the design, the new A4 will borrow a lot of elements from the A6, but here is where the similarities come to an end. The new 2014 A4 will be around 100 km lighter than the current model, so it will weight around 1.330 kg. It will also be more flexible than the already existing model. The A4 will not only loose weight, but also they will equip the model with the e-Quattro system and will use an electronically driven rear axle.

The engineers might also offer two e-motors that combined will provide the 136 horsepower output necessary to motivate the rear wheels. This is not all. The new 2014 Audi A4 will also be available with conventional engines, like for example the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine capable of developing 225 horsepower. The other option might be an improved version of the 2.0-liter TDI capable of producing 197 horsepower. The German carmaker also plans to develop a front-wheel drive plug-in hybrid, the B9 PHEV. This model will be powered by a 2.0-liter gasoline engine capable of producing 226 horsepower and by an electric motor installed in the near the transmission, that will produce another 35 horsepower, which means 26 kW. More information on the new model will be revealed at a later date.

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