2014 BMW 3-Series Sport Wagon review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 8 September 2012 , 01:09:16 byAngela

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BMW 3-Series Sport Wagon

German carmaker BMW had developed the 3-Series Sports Wagon which can be found under the name of 3-Series Touring or T-Modell and it will be available on the North American market starting April next year. In Europe, on the other hand, deliveries will start on the 22nd of this month.
The new 3-Series sedan weighs around 90 pounds less in comparison with the previous E90 generation. The F31 5th generation 3-Serie Wagon also looses approximately the same amount of pounds. Weigh loss is almost all the time a good thing. The model now is 3.7-inches longer than the E90 generation the wheelbase also grows by 2.0-inches and the front and rear track increase with 1.5-inches and 1.9-inch respectively. The engineers also offered a more rigid architecture. The standard wheels and tires offered for the Sport, Modern and Luxury lines are 17-inch.

On the other hand, the M Sport line features 18-inch wheels and customers can even ask for 19-inch ones. On the inside, below the cargo floor, we can find a large compartmentalized tray for hiding whatever you want. Under the hood, the model hides a 2.0-liter N20 twin-scroll turbocharged 4-clinder engine capable of developing 241 horsepower. This power plant actually replaces the naturally-aspirated 6-cylinder engine from last year. All the output is being sent to the wheels through the standard 8-speed Steptronic automatic which also offers greater fuel efficiency. The new BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon is available in Comfort, Sport of Sport+ and Eco Pro with Start & Stop system variant. The carmaker established a starting price of $38.500, but with different other options, the price can go up to $55.000.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase and wider tracks of the wagon, the model features more space for the rear passengers in all dimensions. In the Sport manual mode, the car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in around 6.0 seconds. It can also go faster and save some fuel. We have to admit that the new BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon is a great wagon capable of creating a lot of trouble to its competitors, for sure.

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