2014 BMW 4-Series Coupe by Liberty Walk review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 23 June 2014 , 07:06:32 byAngela

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BMW 4-Series Coupe by Liberty Walk

If we were to make a top of the most tuned brands in the world, BMW would certainly lead by far. BMW models seem to be very liked by the tuning companies since there are an unlimited number of tuning programs based on them. This doesn’t seem to scare any of the enthusiast tuners so it is time for the Japanese specialist Liberty Walk to introduce their latest work that is designing a wide body kit for the BMW 4-Series Coupe.

The BMW 4-Series Coupe has been first presented to the public more than a year ago. Since then it has been more than once the subject of tuning programs. Now, Liberty Walk, a rather surprisingly tuner, considering its origin, created a massive body kit to work with the model. This contains wider wheel arches with visible rivets providing a racecar look. The program also includes different front and rear bumpers as well as some over fenders.

The BMW 4-Series Coupe can also be equipped with a huge front splitter with aero blades on the sides, a ducktail spoiler, beefy side skirts, bespoke sports exhaust system and very wide rubbers fitted to a lowered ride height. The entire package is priced at 13,500 USD but Liberty Walk can also equip the vehicle with individual elements. So, if you’ve had it with European tuners and want to try something new, this is your best opportunity.

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