2014 Hummer H2 with Chinese dragon theme by Vilner review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 9 July 2014 , 08:07:02 byEmil

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Hummer H2 with Chinese dragon theme by Vilner

Vilner, the Bulgarian tuning company started working in the field fifteen years ago and now it is a true name in the auto industry. The company represents a concentration of powerful strength which gives each car a new pure soul. And you wouldn’t guess what their latest project is based on. Well, Vilner focused on upgrading the good old Hummer H2.

What Vilner did, was to apply a Chinese dragon theme on the Hummer H2. Well, some of you who love Vilner and the attention it gives to details this may seem a great project. But others might regard it as being too much for their tastes. It’s for you to decide in which category you enter. The Hummer H2 is by definition a vehicle that can’t pass unnoticed on the street, no matter the country. Well, this one restyled by Vilner you could see it out of millions of cars. It wears a black and yellow Chinese dragon theme because this is what the owner precisely asked for.

The Hummer H2 is covered in a yellow body paint which on a cloudy day may seem like the sun on a crowded street. It also wears some dragon motifs.  The truck rides on a set of 26-inch chrome alloy wheels and features  chrome touches on the door handles, front grille and bumper, wheel arches and also on the rear bumper and above the taillights. The same colours, black and yellow, are used on the inside. The client will discover leather-wrapped door handles and LED lighting for the dials which have a yellow background. A similar hue was used for the seat belts while the door pockets have also been covered in leather. Well, whether you like the idea or not, the owner is certainly a happy one.

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