2014 Nissan Juke US pricing review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 , 10:10:25 byDan

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Nissan Juke US pricing

The North American customers have been waiting for the official pricing details regarding the strange-looking Nissan Juke and here they are now. In case you find yourself in the category mentioned above, please know that the Japanese carmaker has decided to offer the model in the US for a starting price of $18.990. So that you know, the prices increases through out the range because there is a SL trim that means the model is equipped with a CVT transmission and with all-wheel drive. Here we also have to mention elements like, for example, parts that offer comfort. The carmaker also offers a sporty variant of the Nismo that is equipped with the AWD, which comes as optional.

The price for this variant can even reach $25.990 and $25.290. These prices do not include the $810 destination charges. The new Juke comes with different customization elements on top of two custom elements and different visual packages. These are being called Midnight Edition and Sport Package, but a Navigation package might also be one of them. In terms of exterior, the model can be selected with different finishes, two to be more precise. These are called Red Alert and Bordeaux Black which you have to admit, are really interesting. In terms of technology, the Japanese model comes with all-wheel drive system which has the capability of splitting the torque between axels in an even way.

This does not mean the model will be safer, but it will and thanks to the safety specifications the model was offered. For the protection off all passengers, the model comes with 6 airbags, antilock brakes, but also and electronic stability program, just to be sure.

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