2014 Seat Leon Mexico edition review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 31 May 2013 , 03:05:55 byDan

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Seat Leon Mexico edition

Spanish carmaker Seat has launched the new Seat Leon in Mexico. This is the place the specialists hope to strengthen their position among the 10 best-selling brands, and with a little luck and talent Seat is getting closer. We have to admit that the carmaker had a lot of success in the last two years with their Ibiza subcompact and managed to grow up to 60 % in Mexico because of it.  Since the beginning of this year, the manufacturer managed to deliver 7.360 units, accounting for a growth of 8.5 %. It managed to become he ninth best-selling brand in the country only in the first four months of this year. Te specialists believe the new Leon will help the company develop in Mexico and that their commercial offer releases the enjoyment of the latest technology, according to head of Seat in Mexico, Edgar Estrada.

In the last three years, the company has grown steadily in Mexico. In 2010, they have sold 13.380 units, in 2011 18.115 and last year, they have managed to sell 21.114 vehicles. Actually, according to different studies, Mexico is the sixth most important market for Seat and the second most important outside Europe, after Algeria, of course. Last year, Seat managed to sell a total of almost 1.000.000 units. Out of Leon models 25.000 have been sold in Europe in less than six months. The carmaker is trying to follow the success of the Ibiza with the Leon. First deliveries in the country will begin in June and the Leon SC 3-door version will arrive here in the last quarter of the year. All units will come from Spain and beside the Leon the carmaker also offers 3- and 5-door versions of the Ibiza, the Freetrack, the Altea XL and also the Toledo, all for Mexico.

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