2014 Toyota GT 86 review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 25 October 2014 , 10:10:34 byEmil

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Toyota GT 86

Imagine you could drive one of your favorite cars at full speed without having to buy the car or without using an excuse like taking it for a drive test. Toyota has officially announced their model, the GT 86 is ready to make people happy. How? By becoming part of the RallyMaster program. Where is this happening? At the Brands Hatch and Oulton Park circuits. A number of ten Toyota GT 86 cars will be at the disposal of fans. They will be able to sit behind the wheel and have a great experience on a mix of smooth and loose surfaces. Those of you who are wondering what this process would be like, learn that in the car you won’t be alone. There will be an expert co-driver who will help you face whatever difficulties you might be facing. He will give you all the instructions you need for having fun and eliminating the potentially stressful situations. Other things he will do for you that we found out about are setting up the car for corners, handbrake control and drifting. One package available for you is the one which costs £99 ($158 / €125). If you’re wondering what it includes, learn you will be able to enjoy a 15 minute driving session and a high speed journey around the race track. In the high speed race you won’t be able to drive apparently being obliged to stay during the journey in the passenger’s seat. An interview was taken and the MSV Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer said he is confident that this new experiment will start a new era for the RallyMaster. This enthusiasm comes with the change it involves. The RallyMaster was focusing only on the front-wheel-drive cars. Due to the new focusing point, because the Toyota GT 86 is a rear-wheel-drive. Jonathan Palmer also said the car has a low center of gravity and it has a great balance and handling. These characteristics of the vehicle will be tested by the enthusiastic drivers. They will see how the adrenaline does its job once the speed interferes. People will get to see the difference between being in a race and watching a race.  

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