2014 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R gets detailed review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 29 August 2013 , 01:08:10 byDan

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Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R gets detailed

Toyota has released new details including the first fully reveling photo of the new Yaris Hybrid-R Concept. The model is to be released during the 65th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show (10th -22nd of  September 2013).

The Toyota Hybrid-R was inspired by the TS030 Hybrid, the three doors Yaris and has a turbocharged 1.6 four-cylinder engine which develops 300 bhp. The 1.6 liter GRE powers the front wheels while two electric motors (60bhp, 44kW) power the rear wheels, resulting in an all-wheel drive arrangement and leading into a combined maximum output of 420 bhp (313 kW).

The auto reveals some technology previously used by the three doors model such as the ability to recover energy under breaking as the electric motors act as generators and store energy in a super capacitor. The manufacturer states that a super capacitor delivers a more rapid charge/discharge than a traditional NiMh (nickel–metal hydride) battery and is significantly lighter. Furthermore, Toyota also mentions that this technology would be `suitable for use in a sports car`. This remark made critiques and fans immediately assume that the same tech will be implemented in the Toyota GT86.

Furthermore, the model is equipped with a third electric motor located between the engine and the six-speed sequential transmission. This actually also acts as a generator by helping recharge the super capacitor during deceleration directly powering the rear electric motors during acceleration.

The automobile will be launched during this year`s IAA. During this event, the Japanese manufacturer will disclose their up-to-the-minute innovations in fuel cell hybrid vehicles.

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