2015 Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe by Piecha Design review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 8 May 2015 , 10:05:58 byEmil

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Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe by Piecha Design

Piecha Design seems to be a rather busy tuning company. And lately they appear to be keen on the Jaguar F-Type. We are just facing a tuning kit created especially for the Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe. This comes soon after the one released for the V8 Roadster.

The Piecha Design tuning kit for the Jaguar F-Type V6 Coupe is only a cosmetic one. It features an aerodynamically tweaked spoiler at the front, while the side profile picture new sills. The back end is distinguished by a totally new diffuser framed by a color-coded undertray and as the tuner says, the extended frame of the diffuser boosts the car's stability and lowers drag while the exhaust tips are flanked by stainless steel grill inserts.

The Jaguar F-Type also gets a three-piece rear spoiler, as well as an optional rear wing increasing downforce. Piecha Design has also placed a set of lowering springs which have reduced the ride height by 30mm while the standard wheels were replaced with a fresh 20 or 21-inch set. For some extra money, the tuner can install a power converter module which increases the throttle response. That should be all for now about Piecha Design’s project.

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