2016 Honda FCV Concept in Detroit review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 , 23:01:37 byAlina

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Honda FCV Concept in Detroit

Honda specialists have big plans for the future in terms of their cars. For example, they want to launch the next generation advanced power train vehicles by 2018. For the moment, they have makaged to only present for the first time the Honda FCV Concept at the 2015 edition of the NAIAS in Detroit. The carmaker will offer a few next-generation powertrain vehicles in the close future and here we have to mention a new battery-electric model and plug-in hybrid model by 2018, as mentioned above.

For the moment, the FCV concept is the center of their attention and ours, thanks to the impressive styling. The model will come with a huge cabin with seating for five-passengers and anticipated refueling time of around 3 minutes at a pressure of 70 MPs, which is really something.

The future models Honda is talking about are an all-new Honda plug-in hybrid model, an all-new Honda battery-electric vehicle and also two and three motor hybrid systems, just to keep up with the growing market for the hybrid lineup in the US. Also we will see the new 4-cylinder VTEC Turbo engines and a lot more, including additional manufacturing innovations. At the moment, the carmaker is trying to make the public understand that they want to reduce the environmental impact of its products, advancing fuel efficiency, low emissions and fun-to-drive performance. All these will be possible thanks to the Easy Dreams Technology lineup which contains more efficient engines and transmissions. This is not all. Honda will also introduce more advanced electromitice technologies to ease things through. We are more than sure that the carmaker will tell us more on their plans and even better, show us more.

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