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Wannabe Batmobile go-kart vehicle - Want one?

Wannabe Batmobile go-kart vehicle - Want one?

Posted on Friday, 14 August 2009 , 12:08:24 byEmil

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Wannabe Batmobile go-kart vehicle - Want one?

The world is full of crazy people. Also, there are a lot of people that have a bunch of free time. When someone is both crazy and has a lot of free time you can bet your life on it that something extremely weird will result. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of time, the things resulted from the ideas of crazy people with a lot of free time are useless stuff, things that are just pure and simple junk. But some so called inventions are very hard to characterize. Some inventions are so weird that they make you laugh of how stupid yet ingenious they are. A great example of this kind of inventions is the following vehicle. Some guy wanted to have his very own miniature replica of the Tumbler from the movies Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Nothing special or unheard before until now. The unusual thing is that this guy has put his invention on sale on the auction website eBay. If you want your very own wannabe Tumber Go-Kart from the Batman Begins and Dark Knight, then you should search for the user Tully712 on eBay. If you win the auction, he claims that he will send you an archived file that contains the plans necessary to build this weird vehicle for yourself. Check out the videos and photos below:

Video 1: here

Video 2: here

Video 3: here

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