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Lexus releases teaser of premium compact concept

Lexus releases teaser of premium compact concept

Posted on Monday, 17 August 2009 , 06:08:07 byEmil

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Lexus releases teaser of premium compact concept

In the last couple of weeks rumors had it that the Japanese automaker Lexus is developing a car that will be able to fight the German made coupes and hatchbacks. Rumors claim that the Japanese automaker felt the need to compete with the increasing number of automakers that downsize more and more every aspect of their cars, especially essential parts like the body or engine size. Now, Lexus has revealed an official sketch of a compact hatchback. Obviously, being just a sketch, the car looks extremely futuristic and it is very unlikely that we will see the car in this form on the roads.

The prototype hatchback will be revealed publicly next month during the Frankfurt Auto Show. From what it seems, the Japanese automakers will use this concept to show their latest innovations in terms of design and technology. Lexus has high expectations from this compact hatchback, hoping that it will be able to take the crown of this segment from cars like the BMW 1-Series, the Mercedes Benz A-Class or the Audi A3.

There is no information whatsoever regarding what powertrains will be used for the production version of this compact hatchback. Rumors claim that some of the engines that will be offered are the newly patented engines in North America CT 200h, CT 300h and CT 400h. If we are to believe these speculations, then the Lexus compact hatchback will be a hybrid car entirely, without any diesel or petrol engine options in the range. We will just have to wait until September to see what Lexus will bring to Frankfurt.

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