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100 mph lawn mower targets world record

100 mph lawn mower targets world record

Posted on Monday, 14 December 2009 , 08:12:03 byEmil

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100 mph lawn mower targets world record

I always had a feeling that there are a lot of original (in order to avoid saying wacky) Americans. Looks like some Brits want to beat them at who is more original. In 2006 Bob Cleveland from the United States of America has driven the fastest lawn mower in the world, which reached a speed of 81 mph or 130 km/h. The record has yet to be beaten up until now, but now a group of British people want to make an even faster lawn mower that will be able to reach a speed of 100 mph or 160 km/h in order to break the record of the Americans. This just goes to show you that some people have serious occupations. The project is led by Stephen Vokins from the Beaulieu Estate which is known for being the home to the National Motor Museum.

Stephen Vokins has stated that ``I saw a video of American, Bob Cleveland on YouTube setting the record for lawnmowers at an impressive 80.792 (almost 81) mph on Bonneville Salt Flats``. He continued by saying that ``I was greatly impressed, but felt with the right team, 100 mph should be possible``. Stephen Vokins also added that ``This is a proper record, and building a lawnmower capable of speeds well into 3 figures is no easy feat undertaken in an afternoon. For a start, it still has to be a lawnmower, capable of cutting grass properly. And then it has to obey the laws of physics that will try to stop it going fast, both through drag and also aerodynamics. There is a real danger that if the aerodynamics are wrong, it will flip up in the air, with disastrous results``.

The regulations state that it has to be a proper lawnmower, built by a recognized lawnmower manufacturer, using mostly lawnmower parts, and it has to cut grass on the day of the record, in order for the team to qualify the lawnmower in the Guinness World of Records.

On the 27th of February 2010, at the Pendine Sands, mister Don Wales will drive the modified lawn mower.

You can watch the video of the current fastest lawn mower in the world here

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