Audi A1 caught undisguised near Justin Timberlake

Posted on Thursday, 17 December 2009 , 09:12:48 byEmil

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Audi A1 caught undisguised near Justin Timberlake

Audi began already throwing A1 teasers around the network, but now, it’s the real deal. This undisguised unit has been caught in the firm of Justin Timberlake – ex singer at NSYNC. The A1 features the traditional front grille of Audi and its running daytime lights.

Justin Timberlake became the ambassador of Audi for next year.

Timberlake says 'Audi has always been at the forefront of engineering and technology and I am very excited to be a part of the next evolution conscience with Audi and the A1'.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, AUDI AG Board Management Member for Marketing and Sales says 'Justin Timberlake is an extraordinary artist. He manages to keep advancing his personal development while proving his abilities in different branches of the arts' .

'As a superstar he appeals to a young target audience that we’re particularly intent on exciting about the compact and efficient A1, which is superlatively well suited for city traffic'.

This A1 3-door undisguised can be quite well seen in those photos, but this unit is really not the only one unit from Audi. The officials are saying A1 will come also in a Sportback, a Crossover and a Cabriolet variant.

The 3-door unit, that should come in showrooms in Europe by the end of next year. No info available as when A1 will be launched officially. The 2010 auto show in Geneva might be the very 1st event where that small auto will make its appearance.