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Driving school swaps Hyundai i20s for i30s

Driving school swaps Hyundai i20s for i30s

Posted on Friday, 4 June 2010 , 13:06:57 byAlina

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Driving school swaps Hyundai i20s for i30s

Hyundai has signed a deal to provide 600 i30s to Bill Plant. Bill Plant Ltd is a nationwide driving school and training centre for instructors which had started its relationship with Hyundai last year with 400 i20s. Now Bill Plant has grown into the i30 hatchback which has recently voted Britain’s best car to own by Auto Express magazine.

The latest contract builds on an existing partnership and sees Bill Plant replace its former fleet of i20s with the i30 hatchback, which will make up almost half its vehicles.

Learner drivers can be put at ease by the number of safety features fitted to the i30 which include active head restraints, to reduce the risk of whiplash injury; passenger, driver and full length curtain airbags, seatbelt reminder system, belt pretensioners and ESP all give added peace of mind for those nervous beginners.

"You've got to have the right car for the instructors and pupils," said Jake Plant, general manager at Bill Plant. He also added that a city car is too small for beginners and the i30 is the right size. "It is very important to us that instructors and pupils like the car, and they love the i30."

Plant added: "Fuel consumption is important for our instructors, which is why we went for the diesel i30 with ISG, Hyundai’s stop-start system."

"After doing business with them last year for more than 500 i20s we're delighted that Bill Plant Driving School is renewing its fleet with the i30," said Guy Pigounakis, Hyundai sales director.

The cars, worth £7m at showroom prices, will be delivered over the next 12 months to the nationwide driving school and training centre for instructors.

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