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Ford feveloped the SYNC system and offered it on different models

Ford feveloped the SYNC system and offered it on different models

Posted on Friday, 9 November 2012 , 06:11:02 byVeronica

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Ford feveloped the SYNC system and offered it on different models

Until now, American carmaker Ford managed to equip 5 million models with their SYNC connectivity system. Everything started five years ago, when Ford joined forces with Microsoft. Back in 2005, the engineering teams observed that the mobile electronics were quickly becoming an increasingly important part of life just like cell phones and digital medial players are. After recognizing all this, the engineers have decided to continue with the development process. As we all know, cars and trucks usually stay on the road for more than a decade on average. People try to replace their consumer electronics every couple of years to that they are not left behind in terms of advanced technology. The SYNC development team managed to create an architecture that has as base the Windows Embedded Automotive platform that took advantage of elements like USB and Bluetooth. This move was perfect having unexpected results.

The first models using this new system were the 2008 Ford Focus. Most drivers were using it to make hands free calls and play back music from iPods with simple voice commands powered by Nuance voice recognition technology. The systems can also power new available capabilities on most Ford vehicles. Until now, the specialists managed to sell more than 5 million SYNC systems and they are now launching it in Europe and Asia. The main components in creating intelligent vehicle experience are cloud experience, on-board sensors and data access. The SYNC connectivity system provides a more natural interaction between car and driver.

Ford Motor Company currently has around 172.000 employees working in 65 plants everywhere in the world. The automotive brands of the company include Ford and Lincoln. It provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. These are all the information available on the new SYNC system so far. Further details can be obtained from their official website.

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