McChip supercharges the Audi RS5 to 600 HP

Posted on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 , 22:10:23 byEmil

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McChip supercharges the Audi RS5 to 600 HP

McChip-DKR has developed a new tuning kit for the Audi RS5.

The German tuning house based in Mechernich was founded in 2002 and has become increasingly popular mainly for their software optimization programs also developed in other fields than the automotive segment. Led by the `More of performance and more of torque give more of driving fun!` motto the company with more than a decade of experience constantly offers software up-grade programs directly from their own development centre.

McChip-DKR equips the Audi RS5 with the MC5XX compressor kit. The compressor kit is available with three distinct power levels.

Stage one brings an intercooler, a supercharger and of course software optimization for the serial exhaust system. At this level, the vehicle`s  4.2 liter V8 engine is powered by 100 extra HP (73 kW). This also increases the peak torque which now reaches 120 Nm (99 lb - ft). The stage one tuning program is available for purchase for €19,999.

Stage two kit come with sports exhaust system, and `Stage 2` software. Due to these additions, the engines gains 130 HP (95 kW) more leading into a torque increase of 135 Nm (lb- ft). Stage two optimized Audi RS5s develop 580 HP (426 kW) and a 565 Nm (416 lb - ft) peak torque. The Stage two package is available for purchase at the price of €23,999.

Stage three, offers the most powerful performances and it is available for €26.999. This stage differentiates from stage two by the additional optimization of the compressor ratio. This modification leads to an increased manifold pressure. Stage three brings 150 HP and 160 Nm more to the engine`s performance. Therefore, the engine will output 600 HP (441 kW) and a 590 Nm (435 lb - ft) peak torque.