Prior Design imagines a BMW M6 pickup

Posted on Wednesday, 2 April 2014 , 07:04:44 byTheodora

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Prior Design imagines a BMW M6 pickup

Prior Design is a German tuning company that was founded starting from the idea of combining the sporty and aggressive design with enhanced elegance.  After countless hours of development and refinement of the company to perfection, every product is designed so that the existing aesthetics and features of the vehicles are perfectly integrated into the new kits, to be a proof of passion and courage. The results are immortal classic vehicles that combine European style, individuality and quality with modern technology.

Taking advantage of the April Fools’ Day, the tuning company released a digital picture that represents a pickup conversion for the BMW M6 Coupe. The rendering turned out to be better than anyone expected so there are high chances for Prior Design to pick on a new project based on this new look. The M6 pickup gathered quite a lot of appreciations on Facebook, the fans being delighted on how it looks. It wouldn’ t be for the first time when a BMW is turned into a pickup. The M3 received a similar treatment back in 2011 and it looked great.

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Prior Design imagines a BMW M6 pickup image

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