Chrysler 300 coupe digitally imagined

Posted on Monday, 1 December 2014 , 01:12:16 byTheodora

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Chrysler 300 coupe digitally imagined

The auto field is one with millions of fans worldwide and there is no doubt with this being true. These fans can either just admire the latest vehicles wondering where the concept idea came or not only analyze the existing cars but also use their imagination to design the way next models could possibly look like. X-Tomi Design is a firm that, as the name suggests, is interested in designing cars and of course, they represent the second category of fans. They have just imagined a possible future 2015 MY Chrysler 300 coupe.

X-Tomi Design took off the two back doors from the Chrysler 300 and just called it a coupe, despite the fact that it doesn’t have all the characteristics of a coupe car. The roofline isn't sloped enough at the back so it's nothing more than a two-door sedan. However it is an interesting proposition for a lineup diversification, although the form may change. As a starting idea, it’s pretty good. Chrysler is already selling 200 and 300 models so a diversifying their lineup would be something good.

The future generation Chrysler 300 should arrive sometime in 2018 and the final design will be influenced by more stringent fuel economy standards so people should expect a more aerodynamic shape. Despite these, Chrysler's design department will try to keep the trademark styling as much as possible. We’ll see then is a coupe will enter the auto scene or not.

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Chrysler 300 coupe digitally imagined image

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