2006 Bmw Lumma Design E60 CLR M5 review and pictures

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Bmw Lumma Design E60 CLR M5

Now also the M5 in its class was established as absolute top-class sportscars. The team of LUMMA Tuning took care of its and refines these perfect vehicle with some Lumma typical details.

Primarily a special optics package was blocked that with the M5 the sporty elegant note again underlines. Deeply downward handing front spoiler lip (835, - EURO) provides for still more contact pressure. Within the range of the side the standard Schweller was exchanged by LUMMA Sideskirts (974, - EURO) with openings for brake cooling.

Within the tail range a high-grade steel muffler with 4x 90mm final pipes is installed, which by more exhaust throughput provides for a sporty Sund and increased output.

An extension of the standard tail apron is reached by an elegant tail apron essay (707, - EURO). In order to become fair the aerodynamics, became in Roof range a small however nevertheless effective roof spoiler (348, - EURO) installed, these is with higher Speeds the contact pressure increase.

To good the latter there is still darkly toned rear lights (299, - EURO) and a front lining for the raditor grill in the carbon Look (89, - EURO) suitably for all BMW of the Modell 5. With the wheel set the LUMMA became sport rim type ML blocked, its size of in front 9 x20 with 255/30 20, as well as in the back 295/25 20 is. Of KUMHO the manufactured High speed tire connects sportyness with comfort and is thus an alternative to the series tyre.

As special Clou the Tuning crew of LUMMA offers this complete change kits as optics pakkage also for all BMW 5 on, which do not carry the designation M5. Thus everyone can that, its normal 5 BMW on the optics of the M5 reequip have let the necessary change.

By the Design specialist LUMMA become the re-equipment naturally in front and in the back, as well as the front fenders used and then with LUMMA Aerodynamic parts divide the original M5 of parts such as bumpers refined.

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