2006 BMW Z4 M Roadster review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 5 June 2006 , 09:06:43 byEmil

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BMW Z4 M Roadster

The upcoming BMW Z4 M Roadster is the high-performance ultra-sports version of the Z4 Roadster so many customers have been waiting for. Extending BMW's roadster family right at the top, this unique car takes up and continues the brand's tradition in a segment originally created by BMW M in the first place: Back in 1997, the BMW Z3 M Roadster marked the world's first high-performance production roadster, with more than 15,000 units being sold to customers by the year 2002, making the Z3 M Roadster the best seller in its class and the absolute leader in dynamic performance, agility, and sportiness

The Z4 M Roadster: Awe-Inspiring Performance in Every Respect

Boasting BMW M's straight-six power unit, the Z4 M Roadster features a high-performance engine unparalleled in the roadster market: In 2005 this unique engine received the "Engine of the Year Award" acknowledged and highly respected the world over for the fifth time in a row, setting up a record never seen before. Through its high-speed concept and virtually optimum transmission ratios, this outstanding power unit generates enormous thrust and performance in all speed ranges. Its specifications alone are very impressive: six cylinders, 3,246 cc, 343 bhp at 7,900 rpm, 269 lb-ft at 4,900 rpm, maximum engine speed 8,000 rpm.

Two other figures perhaps say even more about the engine's outstanding performance: Output per liter is 106 bhp and the power-to-weight ratio is 4.1 kilos/bhp. On the road this means acceleration to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds, with the same short time of 5.0 seconds being required for intermediate acceleration in fourth gear from 50-75 mph. Top speed is limited electronically to 155 mph.

The Joy of Shifting Gears Six Times Over

The high-speed engine concept is simply ideal for a sports car in combination with a short overall transmission ratio, since this allows the conversion of engine power into optimum thrust on the rear wheels. And combining the M final drive with a six-speed manual gearbox, the engineers at BMW M are able to fulfill this requirement to the highest standard. Short and crisp shift travel, supreme running smoothness, and precise guidance of the shift lever with sensitive feedback ensuring that the gear is properly in mesh, are typical fortes of this transmission.

Variable M Differential Lock for Supreme Power in Bends

The Z4 M Roadster comes with the speed-sensitive variable M differential lock already well-known and greatly admired on the M3. This special feature gives the car both superior driving stability and optimum traction especially when accelerating out of a bend. Allowing a very sporting style of motoring, especially on roads with a higher frictional coefficient, the M differential lock enables the experienced driver to enhance the positive features of rear-wheel drive to an even higher standard. Under challenging conditions such as a different frictional coefficient on each side of the car typical of winter weather and road surfaces, the system gives the Z4 M Roadster supreme traction and stability.

Z4 M Roadster: High Performance at Very First Sight

Clearly recognizable as a Z4 Roadster, the Z4 M Roadster visualizes its superior character of high performance even more convincingly. The functional and technical qualities of the car are reflected directly and authentically by the design of the Z4 M Roadster, numerous details both outside and inside distinguishing it from the "basic" model.

The most conspicuous highlights are the front air dam with its X-shaped combination of lines and openings, the large air intake scoops, as well as the low-slung kidney grille and the two striking precision lines on the engine compartment lid. A feature exclusive to the Z4 M Roadster is the double-spoke design of the 18-inch aluminum rims. And last but certainly not least, the rear end also comes in that typical M style, with four striking tailpipes and a horizontal diffuser.

The Interior: Sporting and Functional All in One

Inside, the new BMW Z4 M Roadster boasts a sporting, purist but at the same time exclusive look throughout. Clear shapes and the very best materials give the interior its particular touch, powerfully emphasizing the thrill of sports motoring.

The BMW M colors are also to be found on the speedometer and rev counter with their face finished in black and boasting both white numbers and red indicator needles accentuated by permanent white illumination.

Three exterior colors exclusive to BMW M and five special paintwork colors for the BMW Z4 Roadster enable the customer to give his - or her - Z4 M Roadster a very special personal touch. Within the interior, no less than four different colors, two leather trim options with a varying degree of leather finish, as well as three exclusive trim surfaces add to the high degree of individual style.