2006 Bugatti Veyron W16 Engine review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 9 May 2006 , 11:05:03 byEmil

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Bugatti Veyron W16 Engine

Engineers have successfully completed the trials of the fastest road sports car which is going to enter its production phase, being one of the most ambitious projects in automobile history. The impressive power output of the sports car reaches over 400 km/h, via a 16-cylibder mid-engine which weighs only 400 kilos as it features a lightweight construction. The crankcase comprises two VR8 blocks, each with a fifteen degree bank angle. The engine produces 1001 HP at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 1,250 Nm at between 2,200 and 5,500 rpm. A propulsion unit that integrates a complexity which beats all its rivals, was created by the Bugatti development team of Dr. Franz-Joseph Paefgen and Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, aiming to obtain satisfactory driving dynamics both on the racetrack and in everyday traffic. The high performance of the engine is determined by two water circuits and the larger of them incorporates 40 liters of cooling water in order to maintain the engine at operating temperature. The low-temperature system is the second circuit and features a separate water pump and it contains 15 liters of cooling water. The cooled air passes through two air manifolds into the combustion chamber, then leaving it as exhaust gas at 1,000 degrees. The lightweight materials ensure, besides the low power-to-weight-ratio, a sponaneous response of the moving engine-internal masses. The integration of misfiring detection and knock is unique in engine design and the large number of cylinders announce a very quiet running. All load distribution functions are completely automatic and are undetected by the driver.

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