1955 1955 Buick Roadmaster - Jay Leno edition review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 27 February 2006 , 06:02:26 byEmil

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1955 Buick Roadmaster - Jay Leno edition

We have heard and read a lot of things about Jay Leno and this time it was about the cars he drives. It seems that he prefers funny cars like Stanley Steamers on Hollywood way, a Mercer Racebout on the I-5 and even a tank-V12 powered roadster at the corner of the street. Also there are days when he drives 2 different cars / day. He is for sure a legit car guy. Jay himself said that he was always attracted to cars and as a kid he swindled his dad into ordering a 428ci Police Interceptor package for the new family two-door Galaxy. A 1934 Ford truck was his first car and in high-school he was driving a 1965 Buick GS. Even if he owned so many cars, he is not really into high-speeds, but he is interested more in the engineering, the history and the character of his cars.

I recently read in one of those bling-heavy import-car rags that, in hipster lingo, to "Jay Leno" a car is to hide it in a garage and rub on it. But that's not the dude. Living near The Tonight Show studios, I frequently spot Leno driving hilarious stuff: Stanley Steamers on Hollywood Way, a Mercer Raceabout on the I-5, a tank-V-12-powered (and 30-foot-long) roadster at the sandwich joint ... it never stops. The crew at his cavernous and grossly enviable Big Dog Garage keeps all his cars in streetable condition so Jay can drive a different car every day. And sometimes two a day. So he's a legit car guy. Jay claims he's always been into cars, and as a kid in Andover, Massachusetts, he swindled his dad into ordering a 428ci Police Interceptor package for the new family two-door Galaxie. His first vehicle was a '34 Ford truck he bought before he could drive, and in high school he bought a '65 Buick GS with a 401 and a four-gear and played hooky laying patch in the school parking lot. But we wouldn't call him a hot rodder of the traditional ilk, though his '25 Bentley single-seater with a 8.3L twin-turbo inline-six reveals what might have happened had Muroc been on the outskirts of Crewe. Surprisingly for a guy with a Viper GTS, a nitrous'd Festiva SHOgun, and a 514hp Z06, Leno seems less awed with going fast than with the intricacy, the engineering, the history, and the character of his cars. As he walks you around the Garage he mumbles the remarkable specs and quirks of every vehicle in his fleet, and when you get to the McLaren F1, it's the car's titanium toolset that he shows off. He's got a motorcycle powered by a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter turbine that may run 260 mph, but he revels most in its 58,000-rpm redline, the exhaust-gas temp that melts bumpers in traffic, and the bike's proclivity for belching fire upon shutdown. He says, "I want to really experience whatever I'm driving." Right.