2005 Chrysler Akino Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 27 February 2006 , 08:02:21 byEmil

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Chrysler Akino Concept

The unique and artistically sculptured appearance of the Chrysler Akino concept vehicle and its one-box, compact size certainly turns heads. However, after the fifth person settles comfortably into the vehicle, one clearly gets the idea there is more to this concept than meets the eye.
The vehicle name comes from Interior and Exterior Designer, Akino Tsuchiya, a 37-year-old who was born in Japan and is based at the Chrysler Group's Pacifica Design Studios in Carlsbad, California. The meaning of the name Akino is ''autumn field.'' The feeling of serenity that is evoked with these words is a theme present throughout the vehicles design.

The Chrysler Akino concept has a single door on the driver side, and two doors on the passenger side that open in opposite directions. This arrangement allows the interior to have a booth-like rear seat with a swiveling passenger seat. The roof features an unusual interlocking form toward the rear which punctuates the design and provides more headroom for the rear seat passengers.

The selection of materials and colors used in the interior are composed of natural and recyclable synthetic fabrics: bamboo flooring, a throw rug, lighting sconce, mood lighting and even throw pillows.

The driver and passenger front seats are treated like arm chairs and the rear seat like that of a sofa in a traditional living room setting. Color is used to separate the working space from the living room area also - a Salon Blue Suede in the driver and cockpit area with a Cream Suede on the passenger and rear seat surfaces with a similarly colored lower door trim.

The exterior features a side glass that has an unusual graphic breakup while the rear glass is specially coated with texture to give passengers a sense of privacy and comfort.

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