2006 Mercedes-Benz SL with Golf Collection review and pictures

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Mercedes-Benz SL with Golf Collection

Functional, of high quality and elegant: with an exclusive Golf Collection, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH brings the premium quality of the brand with the star to the green. These select products fulfil the requirements of discerning amateur golfers - from the exquisitely designed pitch fork and practical golf bag to classic modern apparel. The Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection will be available at all Mercedes-Benz sales partners as of April, in time for the start of the season.

The specific attributes that distinguish every Mercedes-Benz passenger car also emphasize the exclusivity of the new Golf Collection: the selection has been designed for functionality and offers numerous practical innovations. The convenient solutions are tailor-made for all-round application on the course - from teeing off to the fairway up to the green. In addition, each product has the unique star emblem and the Mercedes-Benz logotype.

The collection is perfectly fitting for the requirements of the classic golf clientele, who are known to be very discerning and usually decide for brands with an ex-clusive image and first-class product quality. In Germany this clientele has shown increasing growth rates for many years. Half a million Germans are now enthusiastic golfers and this is increasing by the day. Contrary to common belief, the average age of this group has become notably younger: the typical German golfer is between 40 and 45, male, has an above average income and a high standard of education.

No compromise regarding quality and materials

Every game depends on the ball. As with all its products Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH knows no compromise concerning the optimal ball. The decision was for the Maxfli Long & Soft Noodle which is very popular with players in all handicap levels especially in HCP 8-29. The key to success of the Maxfli Long & Soft Noodle is the combination of high energy and low compression core material and a Surlyn cover with a 408-dimple pattern. This enables that the Long & Soft Noodle not only has a long ball flight from the tee, but the Surlyn cover also provides a dynamic shot off the irons. The refined dimple design delivers a high-speed trajectory, longer carry, and provides a soft landing. On the green the Mercedes-Benz golf ball demonstrates hard but very responsive characteristics, making it ideal also in adverse weather conditions..

With the high-quality pitch fork the player can quickly and meticulously repair any divots on a vulnerable surface caused during chipping. It is manufactured in Germany; the Mercedes-Benz logotype and the Mercedes-Benz star have been precisely engraved on it by laser. The pitchfork is carried in a protective velour pouch.

With the golf club cleaner - also of finest velour quality - the player has a useful tool to hand for keeping clubs and golf balls clean to ensure optimal playing.

Various bags for every use

The practical belt pouch made of supple cow nappa leather has generous room for three tees, two balls and a Mercedes-Benz pitch fork. The beige stitching and the star are decorative accents. Much stowage space is offered by the sport and golfer bag made of hard-wearing ballistic nylon. Thanks to a wet compartment, shoe container, removable wash bag and many other useful pockets it can contain all utensils necessary for preparation for the game and for apres sport.

The robust golf bag enables comfortable transport of all equipment. It features numerous innovative details and a practical arrangement. For example, vulnerable accessories are well protected in the separate valuables compartment. The Grip Lock System facilitates arrangement of the clubs and ensures secure holding of the valuable equipment. It also has a special putter holder. In the insulated cool bag, drinks remain at a refreshing temperature even after hours of playing. The runners for the caddy straps are elegantly integrated in the bag. Particularly excellent: the golf bag has an integrated rain cape which can be pulled out when required to completely cover the bag and clubs, protecting them from rain - similar to a hood in the collar of a jacket.

A genuinely high-tech product is the state-of-the-art golf umbrella for protection in adverse weather. It is produced by a leading manufacturer of golf and sport umbrellas. The glass fiber composite materials make the umbrella both stable and light. Thanks to the Wind-Flex function the umbrella does not fold in a strong wind. The teflon laminated silk polyester also allows large amounts of rain water to flow off quickly and deflects to almost 100 percent harmful UV rays. The ergonomically designed rigid foam handle is comfortable to hold, and the umbrella is protected in the hard-wearing casing when not used. An additional attractive feature: when the umbrella is not required it fits exactly into a special holder in the Mercedes-Benz golf bag for perfect safe-keeping.

Polo shirts and functional jackets for ladies and men

Whether splendid sunshine or a sudden shower: Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection apparel offers the right outfit. Production and quality is provided by the Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH partner Chervo®, a leading manufacturers of golf and sports-wear.

The classic modern polo shirts are available for ladies in sizes 34 to 44 in beige or pink and for men in sizes 46 to 56 in beige or blue. The DRY-MATIC micro fibers have a special molecular structure which prevents the absorption of water and dampness (sweat). The advantage is that the polo shirts dry quickly, and thanks to the specially treated fabric provide a long-lasting feeling of freshness on the skin. In addition, the antibacterial properties prevent body odor.

Particularly appealing is the functional jacket with removable arms for ladies in sizes 36 to 44 in blue and for men in sizes 48 to 56 also in blue: the AQUA BLOCK® LAMINATED PLUS technology provides perfect protection against water and wind and also ensures that sweat evaporates outside. The integrated special membrane withstands a water column of 20,000 mm and the one-way porous-ness from inside to outside ensures that the jacket remains breathable. Due to the overall laser-seaming the jacket retains its protective qualities even in extreme weather conditions. In addition, the jacket's interior microclimate is always agreeable ensuring that the wearer feels comfortable.

The design of the Mercedes-Benz Golf Collection follows the same premises as the design of Mercedes-Benz automobiles: form and function harmoniously combined. The casual wear cut provides excellent comfort and the required freedom of movement on the course. Last but not least: in the elegant jacket both ladies and gentlemen cut a good figure under any circumstances - also after the golf game.

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