2005 Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 CDI Tri-Turbo Show Car review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 21 March 2006 , 10:03:24 byEmil

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Mercedes-Benz SLK 320 CDI Tri-Turbo Show Car

The SLK 320 CDI tri-turbo is based on the new V6 diesel engine, which achieves new levels of performance thanks to a two-stage supercharging system. It consists of three turbochargers, of which two are located on the outside next to the cylinder banks while the larger third turbocharger is situated between the V of the cylinders. At low engine speeds and loads, air flows through all three turbochargers (i.e., large and small), with the small turbochargers doing most of the work. When engine speed increases and the flow is continuous, the large turbocharger takes over supplying the greatest share of the charge pressure and the smaller turbochargers are turned off by means of a bypass system. At high engine speeds and loads, only the large turbocharger is running. Performance is further heightened as a result of an enlarged intercooler and larger pipe diameters for the charge air and the exhaust.

Sporting a modified tachometer with a red zone extending from 4,500 to 5,000 rpm and the self-confident appearance of the SLK 55 AMG, the vehicle is a proud member of the Mercedes-Benz diesel family. The new engine gives the roadster an impressive boost and allows it to perform prodigious feats: It takes the car but 5.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, and it can travel a distance of
1,000 metres in just 24.4 seconds from a standing start. The top speed is meanwhile electronically limited to 250 km/h. With this kind of performance, the SLK 320 CDI tri-turbo has a unique standing even among thoroughbred sports cars. And fuel economy is just as impressive, since, despite the incredible driving performance, the diesel roadster consumes only 7.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (NEDC overall consumption).

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