2006 Mini Concept Geneva review and pictures

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Mini Concept Geneva

Mini: great days in the Monte Carlo Rally.
From 1964 to 1967 Mini dominated the Monte Carlo Rally, setting the foundation for its legendary reputation as a highly agile and nimble sports car. Now, commemorating the 100th birthday of Sir Alec Issigonis, the creator of Mini in the year 2006, and as a re?minder of the outstanding victories scored by the Mini brand some 40 years ago, MINI Concept Geneva offers an up-to-date inter?pretation of the small British racer in its great days. In particular, this new concept model presents the core idea of the Mini Tra?vel?ler, Mini Countryman, and Mini Clubman Estate in a highly pro?gres?sive new model variant.

Powerful and elegant looks.
The overall impression conveyed by MINI Concept Geneva is one of strength and muscle, with particular emphasis on individual details such as the car?s wheel arches, its shoulder line and pow?erdome. MINI Concept Geneva is a clear statement ? the car has stance, looks strong and powerful, but is also elegant at the same time.

Satellite Silver metallic paintwork and neoprene contours.
MINI Concept Geneva stands out in its beautiful silver paintwork in the light, all points not directly in the beholder?s line of vision being kept
in a more discreet grey. Red highlights, in turn, give MINI Concept Geneva a particularly dynamic touch. Soft, resilient neoprene is featured on the black side band so characteristic of the car, extending along the side sills and wheel cutouts.

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