2006 Subaru Impreza STI S204 review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 11 March 2006 , 14:03:14 byEmil

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Subaru Impreza STI S204

The 2006 Subaru Impreza STI S204 will be released only in Japan, being a limited edition version, which will be produced in only 600 units. It will make its public debut on January 13th, featuring a starting price of $40,000. Its improvements show new pistons, a reprogrammed ECU as well as an upgraded turbocharger and a ew exhaust. Thus, the S204' 2-liter engine raises an output of 320 bhp and 319 lb-ft of torque. The car is also lowered by half an inch through a stiffer suspension. The refinement of the interior is embodied by the exclusive steering wheel and the aluminum inserts featuring Recaro bucket seats and engraved serial number. Three colors are available, mainly WRC blue, grey and black.

As its predecessors S202 and S203, the new Impreza S204 will only be available in Japan. This special edition model will be limited to 600 examples, and each of them will cost about five milion japanese yen (approx. $40,000) when it debuts on January 13th.

The modifications include a reprogrammed ECU, new pistons, crankshaft, exhaust and an upgraded turbocharger. This helps the S204' 2-liter engine to 320 bhp and 319 lb-ft of torque.

The Impreza S204 shaves off 13 lbs with lighter BBS wheels. A stiffer suspension lowers the car by about half an inch.

The interior differentiates from the standard Impreza WRX STi by an exclusive steering wheel, aluminum inserts with engraved serial number and Recaro bucket seats.

The customers will be able to choose between three colors: WRC blue, grey and black.

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