2006 Volkswagen Golf 5 GTi 2006 review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 28 October 2006 , 08:10:01 byEmil

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Volkswagen Golf 5 GTi 2006

The 2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI offers its enthusiasts a modern expression of the original hot-hatch approach, announcing Volkswagen's return to the purity of its ground-breaking sports car concept hatchback. The model was launched by Volkswagen in 1983, arriving in the U.S. as the first German engineered "pocket rocket", a term which best describes the unique character of the car and its unique Teutonic driving experience with a strong value for the money. The new version appears to be solid and aggressive and offers a unique automatic manual DSGTM transmission that uses direct shifting which automatically depresses clutch-shift points more efficiently that a professional driver can. The result is sports performance and unexpected fuel efficiency. Top speed is electronically governed at 130 miles per hour in the U.S. Its solidity and sophistication make it one of the best selling models in the world as Volkswagen engineers used high-tech production process that includes industry-leading robotics in its assembly technology and sequences. The use of more high-strength body panels results in the new GTI recording double-digit improvements in its dynamic and tensional rigidity--15 percent and 35 percent, respectively. The 2006 GTI is powered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, delivering 200 HP at 5,100 to 6,000 revolutions per minute and 207 ft.-lbs. of torque from 1,800 to 5.000 rpm. Considered by most a "wolf in sheep's clothing", the 2006 GTI features a striking front which employs a black honeycomb design with a decisive red frame strip outlining the radiator portion. The eyes of the car and the headlight housings accentuate the driving intensity of the front, while the roof spoiler, lower profile and use of aggressive black valences and side window moldings, unveil the silhouette of the new Golf. Concerning the rear, the GTI badge is attached to the hatch door, while the dual chrome tail pipes add more evidence to the car's performance. The advanced multi-link independent rear suspension promises the improvement of the GTI's sporty performance as well as the ride sophistication. The GTI's driving enjoyment is ensured by the interior appointments, which include special alloy treatments throughout, from the interior door sills, to the door handles to the distinct materials for the pedals. The seats were sports designed featuring ample bolsters for the demands of more spirited driving, with adjustable lumbar support in both front seats. The active safety features of the GTI comprise driver and front passenger front airbags, driver and front passenger side thorax airbags, Side Curtain Protection supplemental restraint systems, crash active front headrests and Daytime Running Lights.

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