2005 Volkswagen Golf Orange Speed review and pictures

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Volkswagen Golf Orange Speed

The study of golf speed provides with Lamborghini Lacktoenen and many accessories for months for attention. It comes from young training from Volkswagens, which the golf skillfully improved and so that did not only convince their teachers: It was like that overwhelming the resonance of drivers, who saw the yellow and oranges Flitzer on fairs, in the auto city and on the Potsdamer place in Berlin, that a small series of ever 100 Golf was given yellow speed and Golf orange to speed in order now. The color joy plays thereby a main role: Exclusive colors of the subsidiary company Lamborghini ("giallo midas" and "arancio borealis") guarantee that Golf yellow and Golf are noticeable to speed orange speed already from far than special members of the Golf family. Four by hand laid on dye films provide for a singular facet-rich brilliance, which completely particularly becomes effective in the sunlight and from different points of view. In addition almost innumerable details come: Like the new Golf R32 the Golf speed possesses an exhaust system with centrically arranged doubling lp pipe. At the front above all the shining chrome grill and the likewise chromium-plated outside mirrors are noticeable.

The dynamic general impression is underlined further by the tail spoiler and the widened Seitenschweller in car color as well as salient 18-Zoll-Leichtmetallraeder. The side windows in the back and the back window are darkened. The latter is gecleant, for optical reasons without a tail wiper with waschduese was thus done additionally. The tail lamps are as more darkly with the R32 than in the series, them set off in Kirschrot of the respective lacquer clay/tone. In the Interior a modified Top sport Sitzanlage is as however in the GTI, here with purchases made of leather and Alcantara. The noble leather equipment is provided with coloured fitting ziernaehten, which guarantees a still more exclusive seeming.

Likewise from the GTI the sport steering wheel in leathers comes. Apart from the ziernaehten the steering wheel clip is a special eye catcher, in the respective color is orange the name, yellow speed or speed, as well as the exclusivity guaranteeing production number engraves. The black roof sky as well as aluminum applications in the combination instrument, at the footrest as well as the Pedalerie round the sporty-noble impression of the Interiors off. On the technical side a further sport chassis with a setting lower around ca.15 mm, fog headlights as well as heatable front seats are standard. As motorizing are available for the Golf speed the 2.0-FSI-Aggregat with 110 KW/150 HP or the 2,0 TDI with 103kW/140 HP with 6-Gang-Schaltgetriebe. For the turbo-Diesel direct A splash optionally the sporty double clutch transmission DSG can be ordered. A characteristic offers Volkswagens for Selbstabholer.

They can be able to be shown, how the Golf speed in hand manufacturing develops. The customers get the steering wheel clip and a certificate with the appropriate number between 1 and 100 in the work handed out. The engraved clip is then built with the distribution in the autocity, then each Golf speed in the presence of the owner receives its individual document of identification. The prices for the exclusive small series with the extensive and singular equipment specified above begin 2,0 FSI with 30.875 euro for the Golf speed. All Volkswagen dealers country widely receive October 2005, orders for this small series starting from Friday, 7. For the training a dream goes in fulfillment, engaged in this project, with small-batch manufacturing.

They bring their idea to unusually improved Golf on the road and thereby in the commercial and in the commercial range experiences for their later occupation entrance collected. During this process "from the idea to the customer" they are supported by experienced professionals from most diverse specialized divisions.

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