2006 VW+ Volkswagen Golf Plus Goal review and pictures

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VW+ Volkswagen Golf Plus Goal

In the Polo, Golf and Golf plus desired Extras to the package belong, as well as for example the speed rule concern, CD-radios, air-conditioning and the park pilot. As a special contribution to the soccer world championship, each of the three models with an original ?Tipp-Kick?-Spiel is delivered: completely with playing field, two gates, goalkeepers and players. For this supplement, one became type put on-Kick-special series: the players carry tricots with special imprint (respectively ?Volkswagen and ?Goal?).

Special model Touran Goal

The Touran ?Goal? shines among other things with its easy metal wheels ?squat position home? in the format 6.5 x 16. Thanks To standard radio-navigation-system (RNS 300) and air-conditioning ?Climatic? the Touran-driver reaches goal neutralizing and comfortable each place. The special model offers a price advantage of 1,200 Euros.

For all four models, that is available lived wide selection at diesel-motors-and-Otto-motors as well as partially also the double coupling transmission DSG in Volkswagen.

By the way: on the toys fair largest worldwide, that internationally Toy fairly Nuremberg, belong Volkswagen and the Edwin Mieg OHG (type-Kick) to the more than 2700 issuers. Visitors can type on the joint state either with an oversized-Kick-player or also even per Pedes try to place a soccer in that in the Golf Goal.

New special models of Volkswagen in the World CUP year - whistled at for ?Goal?-Serie in Polo, Golf, Golf plus and Touran

Wolfsburg, 02 February 2006 - yet before the official start of the soccer world championship hit lands Volkswagens immediately four all at once: from immediately, Polo, Golf, Golf plus and Touran as special models ?Goal? available and offer price advantages between 918 Euros (Polo) and 1,236 Euros (Golf and Golf plus).

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